Review of Blood Torn by Lindsay J Pryor

WOW! Book three of the Blackthorn series is mind-blowing!

Five Stars

Blood Torn Cover

Length: 468 pages         Published: 18 February 2014


‘Vampires might bite, honey, but lycans tear.’

Jask Tao, lycan leader, rules his pack with absolute dedication and demands the same loyalty in return. In the world of Blackthorn, where respect is a rare commodity, Jask has earned his – few dare to cross, and fewer survive to tell the tale.

When he captures Sophia, a rare serryn witch – whose blood is lethal to vampires – Jask knows just how valuable she can be. Despite her fiery nature, he also can’t shake the feelings that she rouses in him – feelings that he thought died along with Ellen, his mate.

Sophia knows she has to escape from Jask’s lycan compound – and fast. Inheriting her sister’s serryn powers can only mean one thing – that her family is at risk. She’ll have to get past the dangerously attractive Jask first but, scarred by memories of her mother’s murder, Sophia won’t ever give up.

Sparks fly between Jask and Sophia but, as both her family and the pack come under threat, they might just need each other if they, and their loved ones, are going to stay alive….

In this thrillingly sensual novel, Lindsay J Pryor returns to the shadowy dystopian world of Blackthorn, where tensions are rising, the risks are high, and the most powerful loves are formed in the face of great danger.

I’d advise a reading age of 17+

If you’re visiting from the UK click here to visit Amazon and get your copy of Blood Torn today!
If you’re visiting from the US click here to visit Amazon and get your copy of Blood Torn today!

Review ***SPOILERS!!***

I have to say this is my favourite book of the series so far and I didn’t think it could get better after Blood Roses!

Lindsay has ripped open Blackthorn and shown us its heart in Jask Tao and his pack. It was such a refreshing experience reading this, we were shown a completely different side to Blackthorn that I absolutely fell in love with. I did not want it to end!

Sophia is feisty, fierce and at times completely out of control! There were moments reading this where I just wanted to scream at her to shut up! Who talks that way to the pack leader of the lycans? On the outside she’s tough and doesn’t allow anyone to get close to her emotionally, but Jask is very perceptive and soon gets under her skin. We find out that she is extremely vulnerable and holds a pain and guilt in her heart that she shouldn’t bear.

Jask is by far my favourite resident of Blackthorn so far. He’s sexy, certainly an Alpha male who likes to be in control, but also has a soft side that we see with not just Sophia but his pack too. He holds a lot of lives in his hands and every one of them mean the world to him. Jask also holds a very similar pain and guilt in his heart that I felt ultimately shouldn’t belong there and actually kind of made me mad at his dead mate Ellen for putting him in that position in the first place!

Seeing Blackthorn through the eyes of the lycans was awesome, I love that they are a community and stick together and that they have young. (Tuly is adorable!) The first two books of the series primarily concentrated on humans and vampires who mostly seem to be out for themselves, something that Blackthorn has caused them to do. So to read of how close the lycans are I thoroughly enjoyed. 

The ending of this story broke my heart and I must admit I did shed a tear!

Jask and Sophia’s story is one that will stay with me for a lifetime.

Lindsay J Pryor

Lindsay J. Pryor currently writes dark, intense, multi-layered Gothic Paranormal Romance set in the gritty and dystopian urban world of Blackthorn.

Discovered after being a twice-finalist in an international romance writing competition, Lindsay’s Blackthorn series really captured the imagination of her publisher as a fantastically vivid and complex world, one which readers will utterly lose themselves in. She paints this multi-layered world effortlessly, and uses it as the setting for intense forbidden romances.

With six-figure sales, Lindsay is one of the U.K.’s top PNR authors. Her Blackthorn series regularly tops Amazon’s U.S. and U.K. Gothic Romance charts where it has reached #1 on numerous occasions. Books from her series have also reached #1 in five sub-genres of Paranormal Romance, including being a #1 Vampire Romance best seller in both the U.K. and the U.S. Her debut was a #1 ‘Most Wished For’ Paranormal Romance on Amazon U.K. Blackthorn has also achieved success in the main kindle charts, reaching the Top 50 in the U.S., Top 20 in Canada, and has skirted the Top 100 on Amazon U.K.

Lindsay has been creating stories since she was nine years old, when she quickly decided that fantasy was more interesting than reality. She thought she’d grow out of it but, more than thirty years later, writing remains her passion.

Lindsay holds a BSc Honours degree in Psychology and Communication and two post graduate qualifications. She is a qualified Psychology lecturer and English teacher. Before becoming a full-time author, Lindsay taught for eighteen years, primarily to improve literacy for children with special needs. She was born and grew up in Wales but now lives in England with her husband, their rescue bunny, and a plethora of wild woodland creatures. She is a keen supporter of animal welfare.


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