Ten reasons you should start reading today!

Ok, so it occurred to me that almost every person I know doesn’t regularly read, and about half of those haven’t read since childhood!!! It really shocks me how anyone can go through life without experiencing the torrent of emotions reading a great book can give you. So with that being said I decided to put together ten reasons why you should start reading today, and change your life forever.

  1. To experience new things!

    When you read you are experiencing different characters who each have their own personalities and ways of thinking. You’re experiencing different places, different sights, and yes even different smells! There are new problems that you’ve never faced and new cultures you’ve never learned of! There are whole worlds out there that are waiting for you to visit!

  2. It’s great for imagination!

    Yes, authors write the stories, but you picture them in your own way. A character may have brown hair and blue eyes but there are a thousand different ways a person will picture that description. It’s the same with places. So many times I’ve read a story that has opened me up to new worlds and new situations, and in reading these I have found myself coming up with my own stories. 

  3. To broaden your vocabulary!

    In reading you can learn so many new words. It also teaches you correct spelling and correct grammar! 

  4. To be a part of something!

    The reading community are the best kind of people, there is so much support and genuine love out there for fellow readers and writers. It really feels like an extended family.

  5. Because you’ll never be lonely again!

    When reading a great story, you experience every moment, you feel the relationships formed and broken and you bond with them. Some stories really can last a lifetime.

  6. To go on great adventures!

    In reading some amazing stories I’ve been all over the world, have been to other worlds entirely. I’ve fought great battles, fallen in love, have even saved the world!

  7. To help you relax!

    When you’re reading you escape into the story and forget all your problems. It lifts all that stress off your shoulders, so you can truly kick back and enjoy new adventures.

  8. To improve yourself!

    There have been many scientific researches on the effects on reading and the improvements it can make on yourself. Including improving memory, boosting empathy and even slowing cognitive decline which can potentially lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s

  9. Improve your analytical thinking!

    Reading introduces you to new situations and also at times, new puzzles to solve. As you read each situation sticks in your brain enabling you to come up with the right conclusions. When you’re reading you’re analysing each situation, every motive and true intent.

  10. To have fun!!!

    This really is my top reason. So many people say reading is boring, but it’s the complete opposite! To feel love, friendship, happiness or even the harder emotions, fear, frustration, sadness. They all mix together to make a potent concoction that can send your heart soaring. Some of the happiest memories in my life have come from a book, just as I have felt some of my most heartbreaking moments from those very same books.

So get reading today people, you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on! And if you’re not sure where to start, just ask xx


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