Bookworm’s Top Three reads of 2015!

2015 has been an amazing year for the literary world. We’ve been introduced to some fantastically talented new authors and been given magical new stories from many well known writers.

This list has been compiled to promote these brilliant authors and their life changing stories. Prepare to have your mind blown!

So go ahead and try these magnificent stories. Let’s support our authors and celebrate the hard work and dedication these writers so through to give us an adventure.

As I like to say, A story read is a life lived.

So sit back, relax and allow yourself to be introduced to amazing new worlds, people and ideas. Take yourself on the adventure of a lifetime, one book at a time.

3. Bitten Beauty by C.M.Owens

Bitten Beauty Cover

Bitten Beauty is the third in the Deadly Beauties Live On series. It’s highly recommended to read not only the first two in this series but also the Deadly Beauties trilogy which takes place before the Deadly Beauties Live On series.

Deadly Beauties Series:

Blood’s Fury

Poison’s Kiss

Red Moon Secrets

Deadly Beauties Live On:

Dark Beauty

Changing Beauty

C.M Owens is an incredibly talented author who can pop out books like nobodies business, but not only can she satisfy her readers with the speed of her writing she satisfies them with a constant quality of writing and storyline, she takes no short cuts. Each story is well thought out and cleverly written.

Bitten Beauty is sexy, funny and completely unputdownable! 



I didn’t choose this life. I didn’t choose my fate. In fact, fate seems to have thing for fucking me over. Leah is just one more thing I didn’t choose, and now I’m fighting everything in me not to turn her into the monster I never wanted to be. But we both know what’s going to happen in the end, because as always, I have no control. 


He’s wrong and right in the same breath. He’s terrible and perfect. Most importantly, he’s my savior and my damnation. This world isn’t supposed to exist, and I’m not sure if I’m insane or dreaming. Either way, I can’t stay away from Zee, even if it means I might lose myself to him completely. Thing is… He’s the safest option, because every path is deadlier than the last.

Click here to see all of C.M.Owens works!

2. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

Queen of Shadows

Queen of Shadows is the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series. You definitely have to read the first three, which are:

Throne of Glass

Crown of Midnight

Heir of Fire

This series has become extremely popular. New York Times bestselling author Sarah J Maas brings us a whole new world to explore with strong characters and a gripping storyline.

This series will keep your heart pounding in all the best ways. 

Just to prove how popular the Throne of Glass series is Queen of Shadows won the Goodreads Choice awards of 2015 for Best Young Adult Fantasy!


Bloodthirsty for revenge on the two men responsible for destroying her life, and desperate to find out if the prince and his captain are safe, Celaena returns to Rifthold, the seat of so much evil. She has accepted her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. But before she can reclaim her throne, there are dark truths to learn and debts to be paid. Aelin must stay hidden beneath her assassin’s hood and draw on her mortal strength as Celaena to prevent the King of Adarlan from tearing her world apart. Only then can she fight for her people.

Readers will be held rapt as Celaena’s story builds to an agonising crescendo, packed with heart-pounding action and swoon-worthy romance.

For more on Sarah J Maas and her works click here!

1. Blood Dark by Lindsay J Pryor

Blood Dark Cover

Blood Dark is the fifth book in the Blackthorn series. You need to read the first four before you settle in for Blood Dark to better understand the world of Blackthorn and it’s residents. Those are:

Blood Shadows

Blood Roses

Blood Torn

Blood Deep

All of which are badass!

Lindsay is one of my all time favourite authors, she weaves incredibly intricate stories and has created a dark and thoroughly delicious and disturbed world called Blackthorn.

Stories of vampires, lycans and witches have been done many times in the past, and many seem to blur into one. NOT Blackthorn! In the world of paranormal romance Blackthorn shines. It’s a whole new world ripe for the taking and is certainly the world you should be picking!

It also has to be said how incredible Lindsay is with her fans. She is thankful to each and every person who loves her stories and  personally thanks everyone of them often! Lindsay not only is an amazing author she is an inspirational woman.


“There are guardian angels, and there are monsters with wings.”

Caitlin Parish should have been the last person to fall for a vampire. A member of the Vampire Control Unit, her relationship with master vampire Kane Malloy had explosive consequences. Caitlin’s colleagues count her as the enemy. And now she’s going back.

Kane has made powerful enemies of his own – and is being targeted by the head of the Global Council, Sirius Throme. With the stakes higher than ever before, Kane knows caring for Caitlin makes him vulnerable. Worse, her decision to return to VCU feels like betrayal.

With Throme threatening to tear Blackthorn apart, and the prophesied vampire leader finally revealed, Kane and Caitlin must both fight with everything they have to stop an all out war. But they’re fighting on opposite sides…

Right when she needs him most, Caitlin makes a shocking discovery about Kane. Has he been playing her all along? And can she trust him with her life when he won’t even trust her with the truth?

The choice Caitlin makes will change the game in Blackthorn forever.


Click here to visit Lindsay’s website and read more about her works!



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