Review of Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrade

Thrilling and exciting!

Five Stars

Court of Nightfall Cover

Length: 494 pages       Published: 14 December 2014


You think you know what is right and what is wrong? Then tell me if this man should die. He is my enemy. He is to be my end. 

He is the one I love. 

I have spent my life in shades of grey. I have died and returned to a world of color. I have fought an Angel and lived. I have kissed the Prince of Ravens. I have faced the Lord of Night and made him kneel. I was accepted into the Four Orders, and I created the fifth. I freed the Shadow of Rome. I sat upon the Twilight Throne. 

The man asks for my surrender. He asks for peace. He is too late. The girl he knew is gone, and death is in her place. I am Nightfall, and this is my story. You think you know it? 

Think again. 


If you’re visiting from the UK click here to visit Amazon and get your copy of Court of Nightfall today!
If you’re visiting from the US click here to visit Amazon and get your copy of Court of Nightfall today!


Court of Nightfall is a world filled with war, it keeps you on your toes trying to figure out who the good guys are. The story is original and offers a great balance between love and war.

The characters have been fleshed out very well, much is learned about them without ever leaving you bored. Characters are often challenged and it’s great to see how they meet those challenges. It helps you affiliate with them, understand them and feel empathy for them even in the times they are wrong.

Every character is unpredictable and it makes for very exciting reading! There are no moments of boredom. This story is definitely a page turner!

Fantastic strategy is used, download your copy now!

This is a story born to be heard!

About the Author

Karpov Kinrade is the pen name for the husband and wife writing duo of USA Today bestselling, award-winning authors Kimberly Kinrade and Dmytry Karpov. Together, they write science fiction and fantasy. Visit them at



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