Review of In Pieces by Noelle Rahn-Johnson

A gentle romance story

Four stars

In pieces Cover

Length: 269 pages           Published: 1 August 2015


My name is Paige Masterson. I turned 21 three days ago. I graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston two days ago. Today, I’m attending my parents wake. I’m supposed to be in the happiest time of my life but all I want to do is crawl into a ball until I can’t cry anymore. 
Jim, Paige’s dad’s best friend and co-owner of Masterson and Smith Law Offices, sets her up with the money her parents left her from their will. She leaves her hometown of South Boston, Massachusetts for an adventure across country. Paige ends up in Loveland, Colorado and she finds a home and a rental space to open up her photo studio Captured Time. She finds great friends in Cece and Hayden who co-own the quaint coffee pastry shop next door called Sweet Beans. 
The last thing Paige is looking for is a relationship. She needs to pick up her broken heart and put it back together before she moves on. Until Ronan James walks into Sweet Beans one day and she can’t even form the words to talk to him. 
Ronan James is the new second string quarter back for the Denver Broncos and he’s just been drafted this year. He walks into the coffee shop with his best friend Colton and he can’t take his eyes off of the dark haired beauty. 
After Paige’s heartbreaking parents death, lies and betrayal from men in her past and present, will Paige push Ronan’s advances away, or will she let him fix her broken heart to find love again, and can he keep her heart from falling in pieces once again?

If you’re visiting from the UK click here to visit Amazon and get your copy of In Pieces today!
If you’re visiting from the US click here to visit Amazon and get your copy of In Pieces today!


I’m going to start by saying that this light romance isn’t my usual read, I tend to enjoy dark romances. With that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed In Pieces! The characters were great the storyline honest and extremely relatable, all set in a beautiful town.

There is a lot of descriptive writing, never leaving you to guess or wonder about your surroundings. It’s like reading in HD!

It is a nice story with some pretty cheesy moments, but sometimes that’s just what you’re in the mood for! This story is sure to get you in touch with your sensitive side!

I found the main character, Paige to be a little immature for her age, like she has led a pretty sheltered life, so I was definitely cringing (funnily) at some of her interactions.

If you’re a fan of romance then you will love this book. It is definitely a story for the sensitive souls of the world!

About the Author

Noelle has lived in Minnesota her whole life. She currently lives in the Northern area of Minnesota with her husband and four children. She enjoys reading, fishing, sleeping, reading, snuggling, watching TV when she’s bored or reading. Did I mention she likes to read and snuggle up with her kindle? She also shares her home with two dogs and a very spoiled cat.


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