Review of Your Secret’s Safe with Me by Phoenix Rayne

Four stars

Your secrets safe with me cover

Length: 362 Pages       Published: 9 September 2015


Cambria Price definitely has secrets she doesn’t want exposed. Growing up in orphanages and foster care, she struggles to have the things she wants and needs to be an ordinary girl. Growing up to be one of the best boosters in Little Rock, Cambria uses what she was taught to get whatever she needs whenever she needs it. She has a crew that she trusts and all of her lifts run smoothly like clockwork. Until one night, everything falls apart. Two in her crew takes the fall for Cambria and the others. She decides to leave the boosting world behind her to have a new start. Cambria, now, a hard working barmaid thinks her past is in the past until it catches up to her. She’s blackmailed into doing some of her old tricks. She has no choice but to do what she’s told or else. In the process, she has to get one of the best attorneys in the city to fall for her. While losing control of her own life, Cambria finds herself falling for her mark and he for her. In this erotically stimulating romance, Dorian becomes addicted to her. Just the thought of her brings Dorian to his knees. Cambria’s body yearns for Dorian as well as she has never had every desire and want filled and satisfied by such a man. Dorian wakes up the sexual beast inside of her. Dorian has ruined her. She’s never wanted a man the way she longs for him.
Is this fate or just another job for Cambria? Will her secrets destroy what’s to become of them?

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Your Secret’s Safe With Me offers a sweet romance story filled with suspense. I read this in one day, the pages kept turning and I found myself eager to learn more.

Cambria Price is the main character of the book and I found her fascinating. Having suffered a harsh childhood she turned to criminal activities to survive. Just as she is trying to make a better life for herself others try to drag her back down, whilst another tries to save her.

I really enjoyed sharing her journey. She has a fantastic relationship with her best friend Hayes and develops some great new relationships with greatly written characters along the way.

At times I found the plot hard to find and questions popped up that were left unanswered, so I’m hoping those questions are answered in the second book.

The story had some great descriptive writing, you were never left in the dark about the surroundings or characters present. I didn’t so much enjoy being told clothing worth, however fashion was a big part of this book and I loved Cambria’s taste in clothing.

Cambria and Dorian are very hot and cold and I kind of felt like I was getting whiplash with their tempestuous relationship.

Your Secret’s Safe With Me is an enjoyable read that romance fans are sure to love.

This book was gifted in exchange for an honest review.


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