Review of Tangled Web by Lizzie James

three stars

Tangled Web Cover


“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” At the top of London’s ivory towers business is ruled over by the Walker and the Johnson families. There is no competition. No battle. It is all out war. When Chloe Johnson – the baby of the Johnson family – decides to move back home to London there was one rule: Stay away from Nathan Walker. One problem with that. Nathan Walker wants her. Nathan will get her. Nothing will get in his way until Chloe becomes his.

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I loved the idea for the story of Tangled Web. It very much has a Romeo and Juliet vibe, with two families that share a hatred of each other and a love trying to blossom in the clash of that hatred.

However at times I felt certain feelings and relationships were rushed and I just couldn’t really feel the story, even though I desperately wanted to.

As a reader I like descriptive text. I like to know details of my surroundings and have a clear picture in my mind of characters. Reading Tangled Web I struggled with the lack of descriptive writing, particularly with characters. At times I could only picture blank faces which made for difficult reading.

Some questions still remain unanswered, like why the two families became enemies, which I’m hoping will be answered in the second book.

Yes I shall definitely be reading more of this series. Though this may not be a shining review, the story was still enjoyable and has a very strong base storyline. I just hope for more descriptive writing and a slower pace.

I’m still highly recommending this to potential readers, though not everything in the book was for me, it will be everything a person could want for someone else.

About the Author

Lizzie James is 29 years old and lives in the valleys of South Wales, UK with her family. She works full-time for her local authority and spends her free time reading, writing, listening to music and travelling. This is her first published full-length novel.


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