Review of Desire and Duty by E.C.Jarvis

Four stars

Desire and Duty Cover


Set in a fantasy world, Desire and Duty is the first erotic romance in The Consort’s Chronicles series. The Emperor of Kienia is expecting his wife to provide him with a son. After twelve months of waiting, he’s growing impatient and Lenora realises her life may be forfeit if she can’t make good on her purpose. What follows is a tale of passion, intrigue, and sexual awakening. In a world dominated by men, where a woman has only her body and her wits to rely on, Lenora will risk everything to protect her position and survive.

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This book was a great reading experience

The storyline was interesting  and kept a steady flow. Before reading I had the preconception that it would just be a book filled with sex, but though sex plays an integral part in the story, it is so much more!

At first I felt for the main character, Lenora, I sympathised with her problems and was routing for her. After a while I found her to be a bit of a harlot who wouldn’t know love if it came and bit her on the bum, which made me feel for her even more.

I enjoyed all the characters, their parts were very cleverly written, each one having a purpose and something to offer the storyline as a whole.

Desire and Duty is a fantastic read for Erotic Romance fans!

About the Author 


E.C. Jarvis is a British author working mainly in fantasy and erotic romance genres. For the last thirteen years, Jarvis has been working her way through the ranks of the accountancy profession in various industries. During ten of those years she has also been writing. 

Since the start of 2015, she has completed three full novels, won a number of online writing competitions and is on track to complete her first series.

She lives in Hampshire, England with her husband and daughter and cat.


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