Review of Frozen Barriers by Sara Shirley

Four stars

Frozen Barriers Cover


“Live your Dreams, Follow your Heart”

Emily Cameron is America’s newest figure skating star looking for her own personal identity. Her high profile life was never her dream, it was her parents.

Jeremy Page is a minor league hockey player who always imagined himself playing for the NHL.

A chance encounter has them crossing paths after several years apart. Which way will his heart lead him? Will Emily embrace his charm?

Just when things finally fall into place, an unexpected event occurs leaving Emily reevaluating everything in her life.

Can Emily escape from under her parent’s intrusive ways and take a chance on love? Will Jeremy be able to break down the barriers that have held her back for so long?

**Mature Subject matter. 18+ due to strong language and sexual situations**

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Frozen Barriers is a sweet love story that will warm your heart.

Set in Massachusetts, Sara Shirley beautifully introduces us to Emily Cameron and Jeremy Page.

Emily is silently miserable in her life, her parents show no love for her, all they are interested in is her figure skating career and what that can do for them.

Then she meets Jeremy again, after him knocking her off her feet as a child, a chance encounter a few years later and a date that never happened, Jeremy isn’t letting Emily slip through his fingers again.

I really enjoyed their story and as a fan of both figure skating and ice hockey, this really was an interesting read for me.

I loved Jeremy’s family and friends. Not only did they accept each other and had a love for each other that couldn’t be broken they also made the reader feel part of that group.

Emily and Jeremy’s story wasn’t rushed, it held a nice steady pace that allowed me to sit back and savour every moment.

A must read for romance lovers!

About the Author

Sara Shirley currently resides just north of Boston, MA where she spends her free time reading, writing, or just hanging out and having a good time. When she is not dealing with books, she can be seen living it up on the town with friends. At night she can be found watching Supernatural, Friends, or Sons of Anarchy. All while curled up on the sofa with her cat Whiskey and a glass of wine in her hand. If she’s not there then she’s most likely dancing around her kitchen to the latest music playlist on her Kindle. A lover of fine wine and constant traveling you may just see her at a signing near you. Keep up to date with her on Facebook. She loves to chat with friends and other book lovers


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