Review of The Emperor’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker

Five Stars

The Emperors Edge Cover

Length: 324 Pages         Published: 22 December 2010


Imperial law enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon is good at her job: she can deter thieves and pacify thugs, if not with a blade, then by toppling an eight-foot pile of coffee canisters onto their heads. But when ravaged bodies show up on the waterfront, an arson covers up human sacrifices, and a powerful business coalition plots to kill the emperor, she feels a tad overwhelmed. 

Worse, Sicarius, the empire’s most notorious assassin, is in town. He’s tied in with the chaos somehow, but Amaranthe would be a fool to cross his path. Unfortunately, her superiors order her to hunt him down. Either they have an unprecedented belief in her skills… or someone wants her dead. 

The Emperor’s Edge is approximately 105,000 words.

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This adrenaline fuelled adventure pulls you into it’s amazing world that you’ll never want to leave!

This book has something for everyone, and I for one enjoyed everything about it.

The storyline hooks you in from the very start, but more importantly keeps you in it’s clutches with every turn of the page. There are plot twists hidden in many places with a good space between each one so you don’t feel the book has been rushed.

The characters have been excellently written, each one leaving their mark in the story. They blend with each other well too. Many interactions were funny even in moments of imminent danger

When I reached the end and realised there were more books in the series I was ecstatic, I’m so happy and excited to read more of Amaranthe, Sicarius and their amazing crew!

About the Author

I’ve been writing fantasy novels and short stories since I was seven. I’ve been finishing them since… well, that’s a more recent development. I’m a professional blogger for my day job, and I live in the Seattle area (“area” is code for “I couldn’t afford a house within twenty miles of the city limits and my neighbors have alpacas”). I have two vizslas who are as spoiled as most people’s kids. Occasionally they let me leave the house to play tennis, go to the coffee shop, take a yoga class, or plot with co-conspirators on how best to take over the world. (One of those items may be untrue, but I won’t tell you which.)


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