Review of Conspiracy by Lindsay Buroker

Five Stars

Conspiracy Cover

Length: 359 Pages        Published: 25 April 2012


When you’re an outlaw hoping for a pardon, and the emperor personally sends a note requesting that your team kidnap him, you make plans to comply… 

Even if it’ll involve infiltrating a train full of soldiers, bodyguards, and spies loyal to a nefarious business coalition that has numerous reasons to hate you. 

Even if it means leaving the city right after you’ve uncovered a secret weapons shipment that might be meant to start a war. 

Even if it’s a trap… 

Conspiracy is the fourth book in The Emperor’s Edge fantasy series. It is approximately 120,000 words (the equivalent of 450 paperback pages).

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Conspiracy is the fourth book in the Emperor’s Edge series and this time the dual narrative is shared by Amaranthe and Akstyr.

It was a great to read from Akstyr’s point of view as up until this book he’s always been the biggest question mark of the group. He is also the only one gifted in using the mental sciences and I really enjoyed the scenes in which he uses them.

In this story Amaranthe and her crew have been tasked with kidnapping the Emperor. What follows is nothing short of incredible.

The best thing about this entire series is I never know what is going to happen next, though from all the added exercise my heart is getting I’m not sure it would agree!

Conspiracy is also the first book in the series that ends in a massive cliffhanger. At this point I’m glad I have only discovered this story now as I think I would be in tears at having to wait for the next book in the series!

Lindsay Buroker is a genius author whose stories have sunk into my soul to be remembered for a lifetime!

About the Author

Lindsay is an independent fantasy author who loves travel, hiking, tennis, and vizslas. She also gets excited about dark chocolate, vanilla lattes, and chatting online with her readers. Most of her heroines are on the geeky side–it’s possible she might be too.

Find her at:


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