Review of End Game by Emersyn Vallis

Five Stars

End Game Cover 2


Once upon time, there were two girls living their lives completely unaware of one another and the dangerous game they had been placed in… Until Fate found them… Fate saved them, made them stronger & with time, Fate brought them together to become friends rather than enemies… Until a cruel Queen made her move, threatened the Knight, And an innocent Pawn was sacrificed. Now the game is in our hands… Fate might have set us up for this… but we control the moves now… And we have our own plan. Revenge.

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So many emotions right now! Brain.Won’t.Work!

End Game is the final book in the Fate series and it’s explosive! (Courtesy of Morgan)

So much happens! I went through so many emotions in this story that I’m in need of a Madness! Yes, this is in reference to the story and no I won’t explain more, you’ll just have to read it! Mwahahahahaha ( Evil laugh in case you didn’t get that)

Back to the story , er review. At the end of Sacrifice ( third book) I was left confused and may have mentioned something about finding someone, with a possibility of a shoe threat in there if I didn’t get answers. Well I got them so all is well!

As well as all the answers being given, a whole lot of that amazing wit and sarcasm is back and at it’s best. The characters in this book really are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure to read.

Not only did this story bring more laughter, it also brought with it some tearful moments.

The Fate series isn’t one to miss!


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