Review of Kali on a Rampage by R.D.Cervo

Five Stars

Kali on a rampage Cover


Welcome to a hard-core nightmare. Bizarre karmic synchronicity causes depraved psychopaths to collide into the lives of vulnerable souls. The body count is staggering. The realism of the torture and death is horrifying. Who will find redemption? Who will get their hands on 3.5 million dollars? How many will die screaming with their fingernails digging into their palms?

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To my lovely readers I’m giving a warning for this book. If you are uncomfortable reading about murder, torture or rape then this book is not for you!

However whilst this story is horrific and chilling it is also educating. Kali on a Rampage deals with some extremely sensitive issues, mostly through the eyes of characters suffering with extreme psychological disorders.

The events that take place are deeply disturbing, but with them came the terrifying reality that real people suffer from these severe mental conditions and chances are it’s someone you know.

My predominant thought throughout the book was how there needs to be more help and resources available to deal with the unfortunate souls that suffer with psychological disorders not only to help them, but to potentially save others.

From a writing perspective, I was amazed at the amount of learning and research that must have gone into writing this story. A lot of medical terminology is used as well as detailed information on medication and drugs.

Though I’m sure this story will leave me with nightmares, I regret nothing!

About the Author

In his youth, Robert Cervo grew up a few miles away from Sandy Hook, Connecticut. As a man, he traveled abroad and walked the Killing Fields of Cambodia and the grounds of Auschwitz, Poland. At a Luxor temple in Egypt, he was shown the remnants of an al Qaeda terrorist’s attack. Bullet holes from AK-47s marred the ancient stones. Recently, Robert was told by clairvoyant mediums that he is being infected by a hoard of raging entities dwelling in his dirt cellar.


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