Review of My Light by Ani Bishop

Four stars

My Light Cover


Ella loved Braden for the year they’d been together, she’d missed him for the eleven months he’d been gone. She had to admit that her reaction upon seeing him again proved she wouldn’t stop loving him anytime soon.

Braden left Ella for many reasons, but not the ones she thought he had, especially not the lie he’d told her to keep her safe. Would she ever believe him after the way he’d hurt her?

When the truth is revealed, will they embrace their second chance? Or is it too late to reclaim the light they’d found in each other?

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My Light is the first book in the No More Secrets series.

It’s a short romance story about Braden, a man who sacrificed his own happiness in an attempt to protect the woman he loves, and Ella’s struggle to keep the pieces of her heart together when the man who broke it returns.

Though I usually struggle to get on with short stories, especially within the romance genre, I found My Light to be a pleasant read and the characters relatable.

Ella and Braden’s love story works in this book because they have a background. A foundation has already been poured and so the reader isn’t left trying to start a romance and bloom a love in such a short time. It gives the reader a stronger connection to the characters and situations, allowing them to become more emotionally invested in the story.

My Light is a short and sweet love story that’s perfect to snuggle up with any night of the week.

About the Author

Hi! I’m Ani Bishop. I’m a married mother of two who lives in a small town. My life hasn’t been easy, but it’s been filled with family: three sisters, one brother, and a whole lot of cousins, aunts, uncles. Reading has never been a chore for me, it’s been a great passion. Writing, however, came afterward. Just a story in my head that needed to be told, and I wrote the first few words. Ever since I started, there was no stopping. Every day, every week, I’ve worked and written and had fun. Because writing is fun, if you love it.


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