Review of At The Core Of It All by Vincent Sarnoff

Five Stars

At the core of it all cover


At the core of it all…madness runs in the blood. At the core of it all, love lies bleeding inside the human heart. Murder is second nature, forever lying underneath the surface with humanity playing on both sides of good and evil. Addictions to fear awaken the dark, inner demons to one’s soul. Plagues ravage the country while a boy falls in love with a girl. Family heritages can be demonic curses in disguise over a lineage of time. Demons are summoned in seance rituals, causing terrible hallucinations. Homeless women are abducted by the rich who feed off of their very fears. Priests have dark sides and become tempted by evil and struggle to find a balance. Killing in the name of God results in more death than any others combined in history, while demonic forces test good verses evil. Ghosts dance like silhouettes in the mind and seem just as real as people. Demonic possession is real to some and psycho-somatic to others and priests may be the only viable salvation. Sanity teeters on the frayed ends of senility and leads to murder. Hidden discoveries in archaeology cost lives for those who seek power. And the cycle of life and death goes on forever… At the core of it all, the truth is ugly…and so is human nature.
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At The Core Of It All is a collection of short stories. Each one horrific and chilling.
As I was reading this book, I couldn’t help but compare it to an art exhibition. I felt as though I was walking through an art gallery, each story a work of art to be admired and interpreted in my own way.
It was extremely gratifying to be given the freedom to break each story down  and then interpret them in your own way. What is dream and what is reality? Who is good and who is evil? Who is alive and who is dead?
I felt like I was back at school studying the true meaning behind an authors words, but with no one to tell me I’m wrong!
At The Core Of It All was as intriguing as it was horrific, as intelligent as it was chilling. Truly a fascinating read!

About the Author

Vincent Sarnoff is the only author in SNM Horror Mag history to have been published twelve times consecutively for every theme hosted in 2011, when he won Author of the Year. He’s a dark fiction writer from Detroit, Michigan with fiction published by The Living Dead Press (Book of the Dead) and has published poetry with The Detroiter, Nuvein Magazine and Miller’s Pond. He has also been recently published in the anthologies Zombie Buffet, Dead Christmas, and in Bigfoot Tales by Open Casket Press. Sarnoff is currently finishing his full premiere novel, Under a Red Sun. At The Core Of It All marks his debut short story novel, featuring his best works.

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