Review of I Am That Fool by Rick Cornell

Five Stars

I Am That Fool Cover


Ryan Browne, the most successful trial lawyer in his state (purposely unnamed), celebrates a big win at a notorious strip club, The Proud Stallion. There he meets a stripper, Celeste L’Hoir. On his way with Celeste to have sex, while driving drunk, he crashes his car. He is charged with felony d.u.i., which carries 2–20 years in the penitentiary. His wife, Tania, is so angry at his stupidity and attempted adultery that she refuses to post bail for him. Thus, Ryan can’t get out of the putrid county jail. He decides to represent himself, believing that the useless public defender would only sell him down the river. But then, the great unrequited love of Ryan’s life, investigator Jessie Parker, agrees to help Ryan. As Jessie and Ryan investigate the case, they discover a wealth of corruption fueled by an incredible degree of prosecutorial misconduct and malfeasance by Ryan’s personal enemy, prosecutor David Schlegel, and his boss, the District Attorney. But luck is with Ryan, most notably in the form of Judge Laurie Linton, a brilliant, quirky judge who uses her “thinking chair” to figure out the legal solutions to the case. With a confluence of a number of forces – Jessie, Judge Linton, Ryan’s son, Beau, and Ryan’s jail-house friends, Buddy McCall, Rodney, and Unit Sergeant Mullen – Ryan reaches a form of redemption. In the genre of legal thrillers, this one vividly depicts what actually happens in a trial.

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I Am That Fool is the first legal thriller I have ever read and I absolutely loved it!

Not only did it have an intriguing storyline with well thought out characters it was also extremely educating in an incredibly enjoyable way!

I Am That Fool tells the story of Ryan Browne, a highly successful defence attorney whose life gets turned upside down after one foolish night, and his journey through an arbitrary justice system in search of redemption.

There is much courtroom drama, which I found were the most enjoyable times in the book and when the characters were at their best. I especially took pleasure from the storyline at times showing the victim as male against the female, so often we read of female victims, it seems that men are always the attackers. So reading this storyline of the male being the victim against not one but in my mind two gold digging women was though painful for the main character, refreshing for the reader.

The entire story was kept to the ground and “real”. There were no shocking declarations of love or indeed any happily ever afters, just real people with real problems.

I Am That Fool will make you question your justice system and indeed your own thoughts on justice!

About the Author

This is the first novel of Rick Cornell. He is a 61-year-old attorney who lives in Reno, Nevada, with his wife, Denise, and specializes in criminal appeals and writs. From his 34 years of experience, he has a vast knowledge of “crazy true stories,” some high profile for Nevada. But this is fiction – or so he claims.


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