Review of Killing Misty by Lori Van Horn

Four stars

Killing Misty Cover


This is the true story of Misty Jones, a shy and wholesome 28-year-old with a history of making bad choices when it comes to men. Starved for affection and acceptance, Misty finds herself in a looping pattern of abuse. Her past is about to catch up with her sooner than expected. When the girl-next-door meets bad-boy, David Mitchell online, a new romance blossoms, quickly escalating into a whirlwind of excitement, intensity, and peril lurking around the corner. Her abusive ex-boyfriend is released early from prison and he’s out for blood. When he seeks revenge for being sent to prison, Misty finds herself in grave danger and is left fighting for her life. Nothing is what it appears and no one is who they portray themselves to be. No one is lying, yet everyone is not telling the truth. Is David Misty’s true knight in shining armor, or is he as dangerous as her family believes him to be? Will the fate of all three be the ultimate end game in a deadly confrontation?

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Killing Misty was, for me, a story of shock and surprise. Just when I thought I knew where the story was going the plot thickened throwing me completely off course. The ending held a massive plot twist that I never saw coming and made me feel guilty and in a way ashamed of howI had assumed the worst in the wrong people.

It really made me question todays society and how we compartmentalise people, often believing the worst in them.

The one thing I couldn’t get on with in this book was the dialogue format. When characters were having a conversation it was written as though they were messaging and when the characters were messaging it was written as speech. I’m sure this was a conscious decision from the author, but it proved to be distracting for me and took away some of the connection to the characters.

Killing Misty shows you a completely different side to the dangers of online interaction between strangers, a side that we as a society need to know and understand more of.

About the Author

Lori Van Horn has written several short stories and poems, but this marks her debut novel and premier publication. She is a former school teacher, now retired in pursuit of being a full-time writer. Her only credential as a writer is winning an honorary award in a nationwide contest, back when she was in high school. Lori chose this particular topic as a tribute to a close friend, who wished to remain anonymous, whom she depicted as the main character. Her friend wanted to share this story as a warning of the real dangers present in the online social media world, which is becoming more prevalent and happening to more people than we would like to admit. Lori became a widow in 2011 and lives with her teenage son, Jonathan, and their fur babies. She lives in Princeton, WV.


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