Review of Lolita Lob it Off by Jennifer Jo Fay

Review written by Jade Whitfield

Five Stars

Lolita Lob it Off Cover


Vampire, Lolita Bon Veranda, is stalked by sinister Dominic who vows to end her for all time. Lolita, divorcee, falls for sexy David Beckham type werewolf, Rusty Horn. Her best friend, Beth falls victim to a life she didn’t want. Is Lolita ready for true love again and can they escape peril?

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I must admit this is a genre I don’t usually read, however this book utterly drew me in and possibly changed that for the future.

It was fast paced, everything moving along quickly and because of that I never became bored.

We start with Lolita Ebony Bon Veranda (What a name!), a normal, mother of one devoted to her daughter, Babette. She comes across as quite a southern belle and I found her completely charming.

Of course nobody wants to read about that! They want to read about how one fateful night Lolita gets turned into a vampire. What follows is a battle to fulfil her destiny while protecting her family from the evil vampire Dominic/jerk face/super villain.

Enter Rusty Horn. (Another great name!)

A werewolf who ultimately steals Lolita heart, Rusty is determined to protect her which was completely enchanting.

I don’t want to give any spoilers away so I’ll leave you with these wise words.

If you’re a complete Vampire nut then this is most definitely the book for you.

If you’re looking for a True Bloodesque read that keeps you on your toes then is so the book for you.

I would recommend this to any fan of this genre!

About the Author

I am a mother of four children, two girls and two boys. I’ve been writing for about twenty years. I started writing poetry in high school and continued throughout college and when my mother passed away to cancer. When my children got into preschool (the last one), I started writing novels.
I’m an Alumni from Maine College of Art and do all my cover work for my books. While my kids were little I created about forty sets of paper dolls. I also love photography.

Last year, i got a short story, Alter Ego Meets Soulmate published in April edition of
I’ve got the first book in a fantasy trilogy published, The Glorious Money Tree and am currently working on book two. As well as new books in several series I have published.

Recently, I did some drawings of Nancy Drew for submission into Nancy Drew Anthology coming out later this summer. And am excited a few of them will be in the book. Done by Silver Birch Press.

I also have a blog called The Authentic Life


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