Review of Caged by D H Sidebottom

Five Stars

Caged Cover


Judd Asher was taken from his front garden when he was just four years old. After an extensive search he was never found. Twenty-one years after a random call out, Judd is found chained and beaten in the basement of an old rundown farmhouse where he has lived the life of an animal for the last twenty-one years. Kloe Grant is assigned as Judd’s personal therapist. It’s her job to rehabilitate him, to guide him back to normal life. But as Judd’s only emotion is rage, Kloe finds it both heart-breaking and challenging mending a soul that’s not only broken but caged inside him by the demons of his past. However, when Kloe’s relationship with her patient raises some eyebrows, Kloe can’t fight against the powers that want to see her fail, and with an arm behind her back, she walks away, leaving behind a man who has come to live life again for her. Four years later Judd, now known as Anderson Cain, the darkest and most formidable cage fighter in a world where violence and crime are the only way to keep breathing, Judd finds there’s not a lot in life that can abate the rage that still twists and prowls beneath his skin. Not until a chance encounter brings him to her door. To the woman with the bluest eyes and the most stunning smile, the woman who took his hand in the darkness and led him through the door into the sun. But Kloe Grant left him when he needed her the most. She took the only shred of hope and trust he had left and annihilated it. She starved his belief, and she fed his fury. She owes him. And he’s going to make sure that this time, she pays. In blood. In lust. In pain. And with her soul.

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Reading Caged, for me, was an amazing experience. This is the second book I have read by the beautiful D.H.Sidebottom and yet again my emotions were pulled to the surface during times that I wouldn’t expect them to.

Part One of Caged really touched my heart, we see Kloe, a therapist take on the case of Judd Asher, a man who was kidnapped as a young boy and held a prisoner for over twenty years. We see her try to save him and it just about broke my heart when we learned some of the things Judd endured.

Then came Part Two, which takes place a few years later and after time apart Judd finally finds Kloe again, roses and kisses expected right? Wrong. I was shocked by the level of depravity Part Two brought, but rather than be horrified by what I was reading I was enraptured as a sadness for these characters settled deep into my soul.

I was hoping for some kind of happily ever after for Kloe and Judd, instead we are left with probably the steepest cliffhanger I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across. I absolutely cannot wait for the next instalment!


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