REVIEW: Selling Satisfaction by Ashley Beale

Five Stars

Selling Satisfaction Cover


Whore. Slut. Homewrecker.
Those are a few names associated with what Brenna Konners does for a living- and she can’t argue. After all, she is an escort.

Being put into foster care at only eight years old, Brenna found any way to cope with her pain and loneliness. Drugs and alcohol never did much for her. It was when she found the power in which sex holds, she knew she found an addiction unlike any other. The idea of love is vacant. There is nothing anyone can give her that’ll make her change her life. She has it all; a nice condo, a gorgeous car, all the money she could imagine, and more.

That is until an alluring, persistent man named Everett moves in downstairs.

Everett Burke is great at being a detective, but one massive screw up sends him home to pack his bags. His new assignment in a different state has him bringing down a prestigious escort business.

It doesn’t take long for Everett to fall for his sexy and mysterious neighbor, Brenna. He attempts to unearth her secrets, only to find more. As she opens up to him, he wants to return the favor, but being a detective means he has to lie about his career. It pains him to keep things hidden from Brenna, but nothing hurts him more than when he opens the hotel room one night to find out she is part of the same business he is planning to expose.

***Warning: 18+. Mature audience only, due to explicit sex scenes and other adult content. This novel is not intended for everyone.

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A beautiful read that will leave your stomach in knots!

Selling Satisfaction tells the story of Brenna, an escort with a heartbreakingly tragic past; and Everett, an undercover detective with a sweet heart and the body of a God! I think their job descriptions give plenty of insight as to why your stomach will be in knots!

When Brenna and Everett meet, Brenna is extremely closed off and quite rude to poor Everett. At first she comes off as just a horrible, snobby woman with an extremely inflated ego. But as the story goes on, we learn that she’s just trying to protect herself and more tragically Everett from herself. She believes herself unworthy of love, a fact I found to be the saddest of all.

I really enjoyed how Ashley Beale, showed us Brenna’s scenes with her job. Selling Satisfaction doesn’t skirt around the gritty world of an escort, it goes as far as showing it’s worst aspects, and I really respect that.

As Brenna and Everett’s time together goes on, tensions run high. Every page I turned had me wondering when their secrets would come out and what the fallout would be when they did.

Selling Satisfaction is a fantastic story!


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