REVIEW: Ryker by Erin Trejo

Five Stars

Ryker Cover


Choosing to settle with this chapter of Fallen Angel’s seemed like the right choice. I’ve always felt like I fit in with these guys. Once the old president was out, I knew this would be the place I called home. I love it here, they are my family. They stuck by me even when I made mistakes. We all make mistakes right? My mistake drug my family into a war I wasn’t sure we were ready for but the day I stepped foot into that makeshift house, I knew my world was forever changed.

My family never wanted me. I was a tool to use in their little games. I was a pawn. Being traded to a rival club for drugs and money didn’t surprise me all that much. Did it hurt that my own family didn’t want me? Yeah, more than anything but that day a rough rugged biker came into my room changed that. When Ryker ripped his name patch off and placed it in my hands, I knew things were going to change.

Rival clubs collide, lives are lost. Can Ryker find it in himself to stay away from Jersey? Can he help her out of her current situation and walk away?

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The Fallen Angel’s MC series, just keeps getting better and better!

I can safely say, I absolutely LOVE Ryker! I felt a deep connection with his character. He’s angry and brooding, yet smart with an immense ability to love. Even if he doesn’t realise it.

Yet again I felt Erin Trejo really did her homework on the MC lifestyle. The story is gritty and raw, it tells hard truths and makes no apologies for it. Which makes me love it all the more!

Ryker and Jersey are a match well made. She’s feisty and has an immense inner strength, which she needs if she’s going to be with Ryker!

The part of the story that really pulled out my strongest emotions, was Ryker’s relationship with Bella. Her situation broke my heart and I’m really hoping that there is going to be some miracle that can save her!

Another fantastic read from Erin Trejo! I can’t wait to read more from this amazing author!

About the Author

Erin Trejo

I am a stay at home mother of 4. My general interests are of course writing and reading. I love to be able to put down all my ideas into a story form for others to enjoy.
I love being able to spend time with my kids and family.
I’m a pretty down to earth person and usually a goof ball.;)


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