Review: Hand of Thorns by Ashley Beale

Four stars

Hand of Thorns Cover


Struggling from her father’s recent death, Monica Rockwell needs to find a way to help her mother financially. With being in college full time she knew she needed a quick fix solution and fast. Although becoming a surrogate mother helped the financial burden, suddenly there was an uproar of other difficulties for her to face. Mainly being, Leon Owens.

Leon is dominate, wealthy, and downright sexy, not to mention he’s climbing the charts in his Hollywood acting career. It isn’t any wonder Monica falls hard and fast for a man the rest of the world swoons over. There is just one problem. Leon is the father to the child in which Monica is carrying. The same child Leon and his long-term girlfriend, Ellie, are paying Monica to have.

Mutual feelings and a scorching hot attraction bring Monica and Leon together in ways they know are forbidden, but they can’t seem to resist. Over time emotions become too much to handle, and hearts begin to break. They have to decide if everything they have together is worth the risk in the end.

WARNING: This novel deals with situations hard for some, including but not limited to cheating. It is advised for reader to be at least 18 years of age, due to sexual content, language, and adult situations. Hand of Thorns is a new adult forbidden romance.

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I started reading this book, without having read the blurb. Sometimes I like to go in blind, it all adds to the mystery! While I have been disappointed a few times when I have done this, I certainly wasn’t this time!

I have never read a book that includes such a personal storyline about surrogacy. I have to  admit, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to read it all at times. I just wasn’t sure my heart would take it!

Hand of Thorns is for me, one of a kind. I loved it, yet at the same time I felt uncomfortable through a lot of it. I felt a bit icky about Monica and Leon’s affair. Though I could understand their feelings, it still didn’t sit right with me at times. Throw in the fact that Monica is a surrogate, carrying Leon and his wife’s baby, it takes that weird feeling to another level.

I’m not going to say I enjoyed the whole story, because throughout most of it I was uncomfortable. HOWEVER, though the storyline was difficult to enjoy, because of the heartache, it has been written incredibly well!!!

I’m so glad I stuck with it. Yes, I found it to be a difficult read, but not because it’s a bad book or is written poorly. But because it covers subjects that not many authors have dared to cover. I guess I do have certain triggers, and they were covered in this book, but I feel like a stronger person for reading it.

So I praise Ashley Beale, and thank her for having the guts to right this book. Yes it’s painful, but oh so worth it!


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