REVIEW: Of Dreams and Dragons by Karpov Kinrade




The land will burn. Mountains will bleed. An old magic awakens. 

The day darkness descends into my life begins like any other.

Taking care of the kids I call my own. Fighting fires in my small town. How could I have known evil walked my streets and would soon rip apart my world?

But death comes for us all, and when a stranger with mysterious abilities shows up demanding payment for a promise I never made, I refuse. When he kidnaps my baby sister, I fight back.

And I discover the power of the dragons within me.

Now, I must leave everything behind and travel to a world of magic and wonder in order to train with a charismatic dragon lord, in the hopes that one day…

I can save my sister.

Or make her killer pay with blood.

But nothing in this world is what it appears. And my closest friends are keeping secrets from me.

Secrets that could tear the worlds apart.


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Original, fantastical and explosive!

I have been a fan of Karpov Kinrade for quite some time now, and this story absolutely cements my love for their writing.  Yet again they have built an incredible world for a reader to escape within. The detail and imagery they put into every page is exquisite.

As greedy as I am for their words, I felt like this story may have been better written as two separate books. A lot of twists happened one after the other, and whilst they were absolutely fantastic twists, I kind of wanted them to play out a little slower. I felt the same with Sky and Kaden’s relationship. They had great moments at the beginning of the story and great moments towards the end, but there wasn’t much contact or conversation between them in the middle, and it left me not quite in the moment with them.

However, the overall story, the world-building, and the dynamic characters were sublime.

Of Dreams and Dragons is a fantastic YA fantasy that left me wanting more!

About the Authors

Karpov Kinrade

 I was born with ink in my veins and magic in my heart. I’ve hit some lists (USA TODAY bestseller, top 10 in all of Amazon, iBooks, and B&N, things like that). Mostly I play with words, think about words and write down lots of words, hoping some of them make exciting stories. When I’m not writing, I’m yelling at my cats to get off the counter (they never listen) and hanging out with my kids. Here are some books you might have heard of:

VAMPIRE GIRL SERIES (USA TODAY bestseller! See author page for cinematic book trailer or visit This series is now complete.)
Vampire Girl
Vampire Girl 2: Midnight Star
Vampire Girl 3: Silver Flame
Vampire Girl 4: Moonlight Prince

Court of Nightfall
House of Ravens
Night of Nyx
Song of Kai

Forbidden Mind
Forbidden Fire
Forbidden Life

The Rakam

Find more at



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