Release Boost: Until by Anna B. Do

  • Release Boost

    UNTIL by Anna B. Doe is #LIVE and on #SALE!
    Release Date_ January 5th, 2018 (1)
    In the war of wills, broody football player finds his match in a beautiful supermodel. What could go wrong?
    Until is kind of darkish and sexy story about two people who don’t believe in love, yet can’t
    escape falling.

    Grab your copy today!

    You can read first two chapters for #free here: Wattpad
    I was betrayed by those who I loved. Those who I believed in. It was the first and the last time
    I let myself love someone outside my family. A little girl grew up and opened her eyes. Love
    makes you weak. It makes you wish for the thing you can’t have. It makes you vulnerable, and
    I swore I will never again go down that path.
    Until I met him—Jack Daniel Shelton
  • She left me. She ruined me. The day I found her gone I promised myself I’ll never let anyone

    have that kind of hold on me. Especially not a woman. Now she is back. No matter how much
    time has passed, no matter what I tell myself, her hold on me is still strong. There is also a
    secret she’s been keeping from me. A secret I can’t escape from, but a secret I can’t turn my
    back to either. A secret that could ruin everything I worked for.
    And then, there is her—Sienna Roberts—everything was just as it was supposed to be. That is
    until she walked in my life.
    Can two souls that lost faith in love find it in one another?


    “You’re hooked from the get go, two broken people find each other and boom! A spark is formed
    and you’re a goner. A love story, you’ll be thinking about long after the book is done.” – Socially
    Book Nerd
    “This is their story… it has secrets.
    It has hurt, betrayal and broken hearts. Determined to never feel. To never love. Until…..each other” – Emergency Book Blog
    “I loved this story. I was hooked and didn’t want to put it down.
    They both had baggage but in the end it made them grow closer together. What an amazing love
    story. Can’t wait for the next book.” – Jade
    “Captivating book about trusting yourself and finding love.” – Author Stephanie Gresham

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